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      Rainbow Valley Heritage Foods is located outside the town of Maricopa, Arizona. We have been renting space in available inspected commercial kitchens around the Phoenix area, hoping to eventually build our own kitchen a little closer to home.      
      The company was founded by Denise Diederich and Sheri Doramus in 2005. We are very proud to call this our home, and this is our main office location. Over the years we both have made many friends in the food industry, and work hard to bring you the very best ingredients from local farmers.  We get all of our ingredients locally first, then regionally, while some items just make sense to go to the source.  The olive oil we use is packaged in Italy, while our olives are packed in Greece. 
        We are not dairy farmers. We are cheese makers, or fromagiers as that is the correct term.  We source our milk, cream and other fluid dairy products from local independent diaries to make our cheese and butters.  We select only the finest ingredients from our best local sources.  We produce everything in small batches by hand to ensure quality and freshness.  We deliver products each week to local restaurants and farmer's market around the area. 
      RvHF may have been born in 2005, however the original cheese recipe is much older.  It began with Denise's grandfather bought his father's milk route and truck in Shirley Indiana in 1945. He would often bring home left over or frozen milk & cream, and grandma would make it into cheese & butter.  
Rainbow Valley Heritage Foods
Please do Not Come out without an appointment     5099 N. Jenkins Way
As we are NOT Open to the Public! Maricopa, Arizona 85139
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